Reader Recipe: Bean pancakes!

Hey all (all 2 members of this forum- hopefully we will see some growth cuz I wanna know what y’all are eating!) –

I tried making bean cakes this week cuz I need a base for eggs. I tried mashing them up with an egg and frying them (they fell apart). Then I discovered bob’s Red Mill Garbanzo and Fava bean FLOUR. Super easy.

I mix one cup of flour with one cup of water and a little oil (add more or less water depending on how thick you like your cakes). Pour it on a hot griddle and voila! You got yerself some yummy-ish pancakes fit for a nice ever medium egg. Sautee a side of greens and you are golden.

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4 Responses to Reader Recipe: Bean pancakes!

  1. Pk

    I have been so tired of eating beans. This is a tasty, refreshing change of pace!

  2. CJ

    I would be carful with the flour, it has 3g sugar per 1/4 cup. So 12g in the recipe. I would not go overboard with these.  Plus you should be eating 50-100g of carbs a day max to lose max weight even if they are slow. You are already at 72 with this recipe.

  3. Nicolien

    I thought Chickpeas were not allowed on the diet? Anyone?

    • Eric Oliver

      The word is that chickpeas are technically OK, but they’re considered “domino foods” (like peanut butter) where it’s easy to eat too much. You can read more here:

      Personally, I haven’t encountered that problem with chickpeas. When converted to hummus, however, I find easy to eat whole tubs full 🙂

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