1st Day Is Challenging

I haven’t eaten fast food in probably 5+ years.  But today, while Christmas shopping, I walked past one of the nastier restaurants on the planet that was reeking of rancid bubbling oil and I thought about Tim Ferris and his damn book, The 4 Hour Body, and immediately craved whatever the hell was rotting under the heat lamps.   Why does this sabotage happen?

I abstained, but barely.  However, I will admit, the Teacake Bakery and its seductive ginger cookie lured me in.  Actually, I didn’t know that soft sin existed until I was 10 feet inside of the place.  But I rationalized it, because it’s not “white” (which Ferris has banned), its caramel-y brown goodness, so it must be okay.  Negatory Blue Dice.  But it was goooood.

So today’s ‘diet’:  Thyme-y Dill-icous Fluffy EggbScramble, a whole cooked Dungeness crab and a ginger cookie.

Better luck tomorrow.

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