Carin’s Tasty Bean Salad

Carin’s Tasty Bean Salad

By May 5, 2011

Carin came up with this and it has become a go-to recipe for us. It's super quick-and-easy to make, goes with almost anything (and is great on its own), is nicely filling, and is tasty! The kidney beans are a really nice touch -- they add a little sweet to the dish makes everything come together well.



Put the olive oil and vinegar in a bowl. Season generously with salt and pepper. Whisk together until well-blended. Add beans, cucumber, parsley, and tomatoes. Toss until well-coated. Serve.

Note: This actually keeps well in the refrigerator and the dressing continues to season the ingredients -- I think it just gets better with age.

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8 Responses to Carin’s Tasty Bean Salad

  1. Elmgrows

    @Carin- Wanted to say thank you for this recipe. I tried it last week and LOVED it!!!

    • Carin Marine Galletta

      Awesome!  It’s one of my favorites and super easy to make in advance.  I like to take it to work for lunch.  I’ve added avocado in from time to time, but the it doesn’t need it.  

  2. mdiegle

    We make something similar to this around our house and we add a little crumbled turkey bacon on top (nitrate free of course). Love it!

  3. PCDawn

    I made this over the weekend to take with me to work this week. Only problem was that it tasted so good my husband, who is not doing SCD, managed to eat all of it by the end of the day today! He likes it so much he asked me to make more. Which I will do tomorrow but I’m hiding most of it from him.

  4. DS

    Tried it-liked it. But it seems the olive oil solidified in the fridge.

    • Eric

      Good point – it does do that. But if you bring it up to room temp and/or give it a good stir, the olive oil should liquify again quickly.

  5. Kdee

    Probably a weird question but do the beans need to be cooked or do you just drain them from the can and then add them? Drain them the night before or just before making? Im new to all of this haha.

    • Eric Oliver

      Heya! Not a weird question at all 😀 If you’re using canned beans, all you need to do is drain them and add them to the salad — no further cooking required. If you’re using dried beans (usually from a bag), you’ll need to fully cook them before using.

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