Jim’s Chilled Bean Salad

Jim’s Chilled Bean Salad

By March 29, 2013

Special thanks to Jim for submitting this recipe! Jim says "This is a chilled mixture I use for every meal (1/2 cup)." At about 1/2 cup per meal, this will definitely last you a couple days, and it's a really easy way to make sure you get all the legumes required on the slow carb diet. Dress it up a variety of ways by adding lemon juice for more tang, fresh basil and/or rosemary for a mediterranean flair, or tarragon for a little added sophistication (you can add these at meal time so you don't have to have a full batch done a specific way).



Place all but bean salad into colander and rinse, put into a sealable storage container and add the bean salad. Mix well and chill. Enjoy 1/2 cup with each meal -- this is enough for several days.

Photo by Steve A. Johnson




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