Are Fruits Allowed on the Slow Carb Diet?

apple-256268_640Lisa was nice enough to drop us a line, asking us: “Does fruit fit into the Slow-Carb Diet? Fruit would really be hard for me to give up!”

Well, as Tim would say: on the slow carb diet, you can eat fruit… one day a week 🙂 Basically, on the slow carb diet, you’re only allowed to eat fruit on your cheat day. The exceptions to the rule: tomatoes and avocados (and avocados should be eaten in moderation – no more than one cup or one meal per day). The thinking is that fruit’s principal sugar (fructose) is converted into glycerol phosphate more efficiently than almost all other carbohydrates, and glycerol phosphate turns into triglycerides via the liver which then results in fat storage.

But don’t underestimate the power of the cheat day. On your cheat day you can and SHOULD eat as much fruit (and other “forbidden” items — I resisted the easy pun!) as you want. Reward yourself. And during the week, just try what I like to call “indulgence procrastination” — instead of telling yourself “I can’t eat fruit”, tell yourself “I’m going to eat fruit… just not today.” Look at your cheat day as a nice reward for being so good during the week!

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