Slow Carb Secret Weapon: Lindberg Snider Porterhouse & Roast Seasoning

This is one of my best-kept secrets. Actually, it’s not so well-kept: I tell everybody this secret and most people simply don’t believe me… that is, until they’ve eaten one of my steaks 🙂  The fact is that my go-to seasoning is a store-bought seasoning: Lindberg Snider Porterhouse & Roast Seasoning.

Lindberg Snider Porterhouse & Roast SeasoningThis stuff is amazing. It’s pretty much like being able to pour “tasty” onto anything. The primary ingredient in it, like in most good rubs, is salt. It is then backed up with garlic, onion, black pepper, oregano, paprika, parsley, celery, and rosemary. None of these herbs are too overpowering, so you don’t get a strong “celery” or “rosemary” flavor. Instead, you just get this wonderful, full, savory flavor that makes any protein pop. 

We use this on steaks, beer can chicken, grilled chicken thighs, pork chops, burgers, in chilis or hot bean dishes, in stews… the list goes on and on. You pretty much can’t go wrong – I’ve yet to find a protein it didn’t taste good on. The ultimate use of this is slathered on ribeyes and then grilled; this yields a phenomenally good steak that we’ve received numerous “best steak ever” comments on. We literally don’t order ribeyes from restaurants anymore because it’s never as good as what we can do at home with this seasoning.

It’s particularly good for slow carbers because since we’re doing so much cooking, it’s nice to have the occasional meal that is really easy to put together. With this seasoning, you can just buy a steak or some chicken thighs, rub it on, and grill for a super-easy, super-satisfying weeknight meal.

It can be hard to find – if you’re lucky enough to be in California (Southern California in particular) you can buy find it in some select groceries and butcher shops, such as the butchers in the Farmer’s Market. Since I moved to Northern California, I simply buy it off of Amazon.

Enjoy, and be sure to come back and leave comments of how your experiments with it go!

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