Slow Carb Secret Weapon: Vanilla Bean Powder

Vanilla Bean PowderIn order to take your mind off of the lack of sugar, Tim recommends cinnamon in your morning coffee. While this can definitely be tasty, I’ve found another amazing alternative: vanilla bean powder. Add a pinch of this to your coffee and suddenly you’ve got coffee that doesn’t feel far off from a vanilla laté.

If you get the good stuff, it’s simply ground up vanilla beans. Now don’t get your hopes up: just because it’s called a vanilla bean doesn’t mean it’s a legume. So don’t go nuts and start eating the stuff by the spoonful. Plus it’s not cheap, so you’ll probably want to show some restraint because of that. But as a sugar replacement in your coffee, it’s pretty amazing.

I’ve gone organic and purchased Terrasoul Superfoods Vanilla Bean Powder. It’s going in coffee, and I’ve got a couple additional ideas for things to try — keep your eyes open 😉

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3 Responses to Slow Carb Secret Weapon: Vanilla Bean Powder

  1. Rachel

    would store bought or homemade vanilla extract be a suitable/more cost effective substitute?

  2. Eric Oliver

    Heya! Vanilla extract is liquid and has an alcoholic flavor to it, which personally I don’t like when used straight up in coffee. The vanilla bean powder is just ground up beans, so it doesn’t have the alcoholic tinge. Just be careful — some vanilla powders are mixed with dextrose or sucrose and that would not be slow-carb friendly.

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